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Springtime hike on Lanzarote

Let me show you the cheerful springtime face of Lanzarote with lush vegetation and flowers as we saw it on our 4-day carneval hike in late February. The end of February is carneval time in the Canaries and a week-long school holiday. In 2020 it was the last festival people could celebrate freely (though we…

By Viktor March 23, 2021 0

Twin towers in Hungary and Basque Country

What connects Miskolc, one of Hungary’s largest cities, and a port town in the Basque Country in the north-east of Spain? Well, both used to be much dirtier than they are today – Miskolc used to be (in)famous for its heavy industry while Pasaia’s main source of income was its sea port. Today both of…

By Viktor November 26, 2019 0

Free tapas and gorgeous setting: Cuenca

You have only a few days to spend outside the Spanish capital? You’ve had enough of the noise and smog of Madrid? Or you’d like to experience the Andalusian tradition of free tapas without traveling hours to the South? Check out Cuenca. As we admire the dramatic setting of the old town, it’s hard to…

By Viktor November 9, 2017 2