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Poland and Belarus by bike

Enormous bisons and much more My son has always been intrigued by remote, weird countries, especially those led by dictators. So you can understand how excited we became (because I share his interest) when we found out that it’s now possible to visit Belarus without the hassle of the visa and the invitation letter (see…

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Goats and bridges

Day 16 (21 July): Shengjin –  Ulez Distance: 50 km Total distance: 917 km The last night in Shengjin I checked the map and our route once again and I noticed that the road we wanted to take was not just very low category (meaning that it could easily be a gravel road) but it…

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Hairpin bends and helpful priests

Day 13 (18 July): Vermosh – Shkoder Distance: 89 km Total distance: 782 km After a wuthering day of doing practically nothing, we were all ready to cross the mountains although we knew it wouldn’t be an easy ride. Two passes were ahead of us. The first one, 1355 m over sea level, seemed to…

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Long straights and scorching sun

Day 2: Ada – Sremski Karlovci Distance: 90 km Total distance: 160 km We knew we had to wake up early if we wanted to ride in more pleasant weather but we’ll have to improve on that. We set off only at 8 after packing everything and having breakfast. The Turkish coffee from last summer…

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Memories of Albania

When I was a teenager Albania was regular subject of jokes as the poorest and most isolated country in Europe. Hidden behind ranges of mountains in a remote corner of the Balkans, it is still overlooked by most people due to the old stereotypes. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

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