Shivering and lazing

July 19, 2017 0 By Viktor

Balkans Cycling Trip, Day 11

Just a cold, rainy day when we all we did was wait for the sun to appear from behind the clouds.
16th July 2017: Plav by the lake

Distance: 0 km
Total distance: 658 km

This was the first day the bikes didn’t move a metre; they stayed chained to a bench as we left them the day before. The weather in Plav was so unfriendly, cold and windy all day, that we preferred to walk the 2 km to the foodstore and back.

The lake was just a minute’s walk from our tent

Still it was good to have a break from cycling and at least we could walk a bit around the lake. The views were superb in the evening when the clouds gave way to some lucky sun rays.

These mighty cherry trees mean the home for hundreds of birds and the fruits were ripe in mid-July!

The plan was to reach Shkoder the next day, which means over 100 km across two difficult mountain passes. We hoped the weather would change for the better as we went to bed quite early.

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