Donkeys and lots of rakiya

July 16, 2017 1 By Viktor

Balkans cycling trip, Day 7

A relaxed day with new friends, both human and non-human, and lots of rakiya. Just for the taste of it.
12 July 2017: Chilling out in Tatinac village

Distance: 17 km
Total distance: 420 km

The view of Uzice from Tatinac

The churchyard was quiet and we knew we only had to cycle a few kilometres to the campsite so we woke up quite late, around 8. We were just about to start packing when cars parked outside the church and two men appeared from behind the large tent. Apparently, there was a festival or fair in the town that day and they needed the tents and benches. They were shocked to see us camping there and the thin one in traditional costume was especially impatient, wanting to see us go as soon as possible. He didn’t say a word just pointed at our tent and the gate… The fat one later became a bit more friendly and he even brought us a loaf of bread and a big bottle of cola in the end.

Ready to leave our emergency camping site, the churchyard

A short but trying trip to the campsite

We loaded everything on the bikes and left to their satisfaction. After a breakfast of bureks at a bakery, we headed for Uzice avoiding the busy center as much as we could. It was pretty steep and we saw we couldn’t have reached the campsite the evening before. We passed the local dumping area, curiously located in a residential area above the town, and we could smell it for kilometers. 


Fortunately, the campsite in Tatinac is on the other side of the hill so by the time we arrived the air was fresh and we enjoyed the Alpine scenery.

Meadows and raspberry plantations alternate on the hills around Uzice

The campsite’s owner is a very friendly local guy who looks much younger than his age. He welcomed us with Turkish coffee and fruit drink. We put the bikes in the garage and postponed putting up the tent until later so that we could start enjoying our day of rest.

Aron discovered the huge estate and all the animals: donkeys. peacocks, sheep, goats, dogs and cats. He spent hours feeding the donkeys with fresh grass.

Aron with two of the permanent residents

We prepared lunch after a long but pleasing walk to the nearest shop (2 km away). We saw the owner’s collection of old and not so old everyday objects from looms to TV sets. And in the afternoon we washed our clothes in a washing machine for a change.

Friendly shots

Then two friends of the owner arrived: a fat man on a tractor and an elderly guy by car. They talked  and drank beer and rakiya for hours. Then I offered them our Hungarian palinka and we became friends instantly…

The night came too early. We could have imagined spending a few more days in this idyllic place but we still had a long way ahead of us. 

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