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Cycling is a great way of travelling and if you combine it with camping in the wild you have the ultimate holiday. My two-wheeler has taken me to many places and I can hardly wait for the next adventure.

Sunflower fields forever

Four days through rural France between two generous host families The dry facts:Route: Lerné – Vouillé (70 km), Vouillé – Villefagnan (81 km), Villefagnan – Baignes-Sainte Radegonde (96 km), Baignes – Gauriaguet (43 km)Mostly secondary roads + dedicated cycling route (around 40 km)Challenges: 2 (see below)Detailed map at the end of the post The morning…

By Viktor October 26, 2019 0

Warm Showers

We spent a pleasant night under the mulberry trees of the campsite in Muides and around 9 we were ready to go. A bit too fast perhaps because we only noticed in the afternoon that we left our solar charger there in the grass… The Loire Valley is famous for its palaces or chateaux and…

By Viktor October 10, 2019 0

Cycling along the Loire

Although our plan is to get to the Spanish border without too many detours, we definitely wanted to pedal our way by the Loire river and see some of its famous chateaux… We bought some snacks for the day and said goodbye to the lovely couple who shared their home with us the previous night…

By Viktor July 20, 2019 0

Poland and Belarus by bike

Enormous bisons and much more My son has always been intrigued by remote, weird countries, especially those led by dictators. So you can understand how excited we became (because I share his interest) when we found out that it’s now possible to visit Belarus without the hassle of the visa and the invitation letter (see…

By Viktor January 15, 2019 0

Across the mountains to Korce, Albania

Balkans Cycling Trip, day 41 15 August 2017: Gërmenj – Korçë What seems a piece of cake on the map turns out to be a challenging day with several mountains to climb. We approach Korce with aching bodies and disintegrating gear… Distance: 75 km Total distance: 1885 km Optimistic plans One more delicious breakfast by…

By Viktor August 20, 2017 0

Pinched grapes and a clumsy thief

Balkans Cycling Trip, days 39-40 13-14 August 2017: Permët- Gërmenj Out of two options, we choose the shorter and more difficult one, but it is more interesting and quieter for sure. This day offers probably the most beautiful landscapes of the whole trip as we leave the Vjosa valley and reach Leskovik. We ride past…

By Viktor August 19, 2017 4