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July 5, 2017 0 By Viktor

The day has finally come: yesterday I had my last two lessons and did some last minute shopping. Tonight we’ll be put up by some lovely people in Szeged (south of Hungary) and early tomorrow we’ll start on our long journey on two wheels. 

Yesterday I had my last two lessons and did some last minute shopping. The rest of the day I spent checking all the items on my list and packing. This is how all our stuff looked like just before I squeezed everything in the bags. 

And here’s the complete list of what we’re taking for the 1700-km trip. Who knows, maybe someone will find it useful. It’s important for me to stay connected to the internet and be able to post on my blog. I also want to use my DSLR and then access the photos from my smartphone directly from the SD card. We’ll mainly camp (often in the wild) so we can’t just charge our devices from a wall socket during the night. 

For the bikes:

– extra inner tubes, tube repair kits
– 2 pumps (just in case)
– spare bolts and nuts
– tool kit (Allen keys and wrenches)
– chain tool
– spare spokes
– spoke wrench
– chain lube
– spare Bowden cables
– spare quick release
– tyre lever
– insulating tape
– cable ties
– ropes and bungee chords

For camping:

– tent
– sleeping pads
– sleeping bags
– propane camping stove
– two pots with lids
– plates, spoons and knives
– plastic glasses
– matches and lighter
– vegetable peeler
– heavy duty aluminum foil
– salt and spices
– can opener
– dish rag and sponge
– powdered soup (as a last resort)
– vitamin pills
– instant coffee
– tea
– head torches
– sewing kit with extra strong thread
– notebook (with the basic route, survival vocabulary in the local languages and blank pages for notes) and pens


– DSLR camera with 2 batteries
– USB charger for camera
– solar USB charger
– USB cables
– video camera with charger
– 4 smartphones (1 for each plus an old Samsung Galaxy Young for Endomondo)
– phone chargers
– SD reader for phone
– bluetooth keyboard for phone

Clothes (per person):

– 2 cycling shorts
– 3 cycling tops
– 3 prs cycling socks
– helmet
– cycling gloves
– sunglasses
– baseball cap
– 3 T-shirts
– 2 shorts
– 1 pair warm leggings
– underwear
– swimming gear
– raincoat
– cycling shoes
– sandals
– pullover


– liquid soap
– shampoo
– sun screen (50 and 30)
– wet wipes
– toothpaste and brushes
– razors
– shaving soap with brush (cheap and compact)
– aftershave lotion
– antiperspirant
– extra stuff for my wife
– insect repellent
– towels
– scissors and tweezers
– small mirror

First aid kit:

– plasters
– painkillers
– antipyretics
– antihistamine
– roll bandage
– antibacterial soap
– antiseptic ointment


Now that we’re back I can tell you what we left at home and what we really didn’t need.

We could have left them at home:

– raincoats (it didn’t rain that much)
– baseball caps
– aluminium foil

We could have used them:

– slippers (for showering)
– more ropes and bungee chords

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