Wine and water

July 10, 2017 0 By Viktor

Day 3: Relaxing in Smerski Karkovci

View from the bar

Let me start with the evening before. As there was no water in the camping area and we didn’t fancy taking a shower under the windows of the ranger’s house, we had to somehow get enough water near our tent. Luckily, I had brought a waterproof bag with us and now it proved really useful. We filled it up with water and carried the 20 or so litres to the campsite, where we could wash the Indonesian way, using a plastic glass. Of course, a family had to arrive just as Anita was standing behind a small tree, with soap all over her body… But they discreetly walked away and in half an hour we could continue washing.

Our bathroom is almost ready 🙂

Then I had the idea we could also use the same bag to wash our clothes. We filled it less than halfway with water, added the washing powder and the dirty clothes and closed it. Then I shook it as much as I could and our manual washing machine did a great job. The clothes became clean and smelled good again.

The cathedral from the outside

In the afternoon we speeded back down to the town and saw the cathedral. The strict lady in the church warned me that it was absolutely prohibited to take any photo inside but I still managed somehow… Then we had local wine on the terrace of one of the cafes in the main square. Although it was Sunday there were very few tourists; Anita pointed out at the end that the man on the corner couldn’t sell one fridge magnet while we were there. 

And it is perhaps even more impressive inside.

Then in the evening while we were preparing our dinner a couple arrived by bike. It was an English girl and a Belgian guy, on their way to Istanbul and the Black Sea, respectively. They were very nice but terribly exhausted so we just talked for a few minutes. As hot as it gets during the day we may be equallly tired at the end of our next day…