Who’s behind the dashboard

It all started back when I was 19, raised in a country where the freedom of movement was just a dream – it was fairly easy to get a ‘red passport’ to travel to other countries of the Eastern Bloc but the ‘blue passport’ was the privilege of few. My father was offered a placement in West Germany and then another one in France. He hosted me and my brother for 10 days and we shared this experience with two cousins. You can imagine four teenage boys let loose in a country with stylish cars, supermarkets with an amazing range of goods, night clubs and the like. I am positive I got the travel bug there and then as we had laughs trying to get around the metro gates in Paris and walking till we dropped unconscious in a park.

The following few years I was too broke to get too far but I hitch-hiked back to Paris with my then girlfriend soon as I could. One-month low budget nomad trips became the norm for the summers to follow as I gradually extended my travels outside Europe.

For the last 20 years I have had a permanent companion, my wife, who is one of the most flexible and compromising people (or at least women) so the adventures didn’t cease as we grew older and had our son, far from it. We pushed the limits as far as we could, taking longer and longer holidays so that in the end I left my long-time employer mainly because he couldn’t tolerate any more that my travels took longer than his…

Dozens of countries, all sorts of vehicles, hundreds of people, good and bad but mainly good, difficulties and lots of fun all along the way. I always felt I should share some of these experiences with others – whether they are armchair travellers or modern time nomads like me looking for up-to-date information and useful ideas. Well, this is exactly what I plan to do on this site. I’ll share photos, thoughts, memories of travels past and present to anyone interested. Thank you for your visit!