Next up: Across the Balkans by bicycle

July 3, 2017 0 By Viktor

After 5 years we are returning to the mountains, villages and seasides of the Balkans and we’ll do it on two wheels again! The idea of a really long cycling trip has been in the back of my mind for years but in the end we always decided on other adventures. But this spring finally all three of us agreed that Serbia, Montenegro, Albania (and, possibly, Greece) are worth the struggle so I started planning.

Now it’s only two days left before we set off and I spent much of the last two weeks writing lists, buying spare parts and more camping gear, cleaning and repairing our bicycles, checking possible routes on Google Maps and recording them on my Locus application.

Our little team (my wife, son and me) will start cycling in Szeged, near the southern border of Hungary and head south. If we do around 80-90 km a day, we should be in Albania in about two weeks (including some days off pedalling). We’ll spend some days by the sea and then, if the bikes and we are still functional, we’ll go on to the Greek island of Cephalonia. My wife and I were there on our first holiday together 21 years ago so it’s partly what will motivate us.

Then we’ll get back to Hungary using a mix of transportation options: buses, trains and, of course, our bikes.

Serbian cevapcici, Albanian dirt roads, Greek goats, here we go!