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Cycling is a great way of travelling and if you combine it with camping in the wild you have the ultimate holiday. My two-wheeler has taken me to many places and I can hardly wait for the next adventure.

Across the mountains to Korce, Albania

Balkans Cycling Trip, day 41 15 August 2017: Gërmenj – Korçë What seems a piece of cake on the map turns out to be a challenging day with several mountains to climb. We approach Korce with aching bodies and disintegrating gear… Distance: 75 km Total distance: 1885 km Optimistic plans One more delicious breakfast by…

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Pinched grapes and a clumsy thief

Balkans Cycling Trip, days 39-40 13-14 August 2017: Permët- Gërmenj Out of two options, we choose the shorter and more difficult one, but it is more interesting and quieter for sure. This day offers probably the most beautiful landscapes of the whole trip as we leave the Vjosa valley and reach Leskovik. We ride past…

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Greek atmosphere in the Vjosa Valley

Balkans Cycling Trip, Day 37 11 August 2017: Ksamil – Gjirokaster Thanks to the delicious ice coffees, we set off to cross the mountains full of energy. There are some hard parts to cope with but we reach the pass quite easily, despite the smoke from the forest fires. The second part of the day…

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Greek coffee and tons of mosquitoes

Balkans cycling trip, Day 30 The day starts with a romantic ferry trip and breakfast in a forgotten village. Then we finally cross the border and arrive in Greece! Roadside dinner, mosquitoes attack us and we take a shower under the stars on our 30th day. 4 August 2017: Ksamil – Igoumenitsa (Greece) Distance: 65…

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Stray dogs and rooftop camping

Balkans cycling trip, Days 28-29 2-3 August 2017: Qeparo – Ksamil A short day’s cyling along the picturesque Albanian Riviera and coffee stops in some lovely villages on the way. Then another day by the sea – perhaps we’re getting lazy? Rooftop camping in Ksamil is highly recommended! Distance: 52 km Total distance: 1373 km…

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